Thermo shrinkable shoe cover laminating system.

Biological and Environmental Footwear Protection Systems for Hospitals, Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Forensic Sites, Offices, Show Homes, Factories, Food Preparation, Pharmaceutical factories and anywhere non contamination is critical.

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Thermo shrinkable shoe cover laminating system

The Protector Step system easily covers the user's foot to effectively keep sensitive areas where hygiene and cleanliness is essential, stopping the transfer of contaminants and bacteria from one environment to another. The Protector Step PF46 shoe cover dispenser is the perfect solution for show homes, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, forensic sites and office premises. Protector Step is highly effective and provides excellent protection against various foreign substances. Protector Step is one of the most advanced products designed to protect your environment against contaminants.

  • The Protector Step utilises PVC film to cover your shoes to protect the environment from foreign substances.
  • The Protector Step system offers measurable savings over existing shoe covering options
  • Protector Step automatically dispenses and cuts the PVC film using hot air to seal around the lower part of the shoe.
  • Protector Step offers twice the bacterial protection of existing Shoe Covers.
  • Protector Step shoe covers cost a third of the price of existing shoe covers.
  • Protector Step she covers are non water absorbant unlike cotton shoe protectors.
  • RoHS Certified environmentaly friendly PVC film.
  • Protector Step provides easy to manage long and short term rental plans including installation and consumables.

Rent Protector Step from
$59.95 Per Month*

* Conditions apply, Rate shown is in $Australian and excludes GST